Top tips from real bride; Sarah


Sarah & Russ got married at the start of July 2018 over at the pretty awesome North Hidden Barn which is nestled at the end of a track in West Berkshire. Picture peaceful and private surroundings, an 80 metre, double height barn with rolling hills and countryside on all sides and you have the perfect spot for a DIY wedding. 

Sarah started off by asking me just to help provide a few props, which then led on a full venue styling which then led on to a full venue styling and day of co-ordination. I'm feeling so so lucky that not only did I get to help from start to finish with the decor, but that I also got to witness the day unfold, see the guests first reactions to the decor (the most incredible thing!!) and then I got to spend the evening getting to know them and being welcomed with open arms into Sarah & Russ' family and friends. Definitely a day I will never forget.

So I thought once all the planning is done and everything has been processed. Once the dust has settled, and the thank you cards have been sent out, is there anything that Sarah would do differently and what words of advice would she pass on to brides who are yet to tie the knot..........

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1) Realise that you won’t be able to spend quality time with your guests.
I hadn’t really thought about this beforehand (stupid I know!) and so afterwards I felt bad that I hadn’t really spent quality time with anyone. Save yourself that concern after the wedding by getting your head around this beforehand!

2) If you have a DIY venue, make sure that you have allocated any jobs that will need doing on the actual day to someone before hand.
On the day you really won’t want to / have time to think about topping up beer buckets or lighting candles.

3) If your photographer wants to take some pics at sunset or at a time after the group photos (if having those) make the time to do this.
It was a really lovely time for us to be together and not be distracted by anyone and having now seen the photos they are really special. As our photographer said if you are paying for a professional then be guided by them. Your guests won’t remember you weren’t there for 15 minutes but you will then forever have those photos and memories of that moment together.

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4) Follow your heart and try not to be influenced by how others think your wedding day should be.
All of the best weddings I have been to have been a reflection of the couple and you can tell that their hearts have gone into the day. We tried to do this, we potentially did some ‘risky’ things....arranged our own flowers, got a friend to bake our cake, didn’t do traditional favours. But the flower arranging with my bridesmaid the day before was so special, the cake was amazing and we didn’t then have lots of leftover favours that people forgot to take with them! All of the decisions we made worked in the end and I really believe that’s because we followed our hearts.

5) Never lose sight of what the day is about. For us the day was about us getting married and having our friends and family around us. So whatever the day is about for you, when you are making decisions on various things keep referring yourself back to the bigger picture of the day and use that to help you decide what you do and don’t need.

6) And lastly, try to not put too much pressure on yourselves.
Everyone tells you it will be the best day of your life etc. I do not enjoy being the centre of attention and so for me, I would have rather been a guest at my wedding! It was the best day of my life because I married the man of my dreams, but that didn’t automatically turn me into someone who revelled in all the attention. Not everyone will relate to this but for those that do, I hope it helps!

Sarah xx

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Huge thanks to Sarah for taking the time to share her wisdom. 

I don't think there is one point that I don't agree on, especially number 4. Your guests memories will fade over time and they wont remember all the details of your big day. You however will.

It will be etched on your mind forever and you'll have the photos to look through as a reminder too so make sure you follow your heart, trust your gut, don't be scared to say no and have the day that YOU want. 



Images: Aga Hosking Photography