Sophie & James

The Question

My fiancé and I got engaged in Paris in May of last year & it was just wonderful & totally unexpected. Before heading to a cocktail bar after dinner, the other half wanted to get yet ANOTHER photo of the Eiffel Tower (We'd been there 2 days and my camera roll was already full of them!!) but still, we went to this bridge on the river & watched the magical light display & got the said photos.

Within minutes his arms were around me and he was holding a little black box.......Side note; The first thing that ran through my mind was that he was playing a prank on me and had put one of those little padlocks inside the box. I'd kept joking about him doing this the whole time we'd been in Paris so was expecting to open it and find one

........However, within seconds of me seeing this little black box, I had to stand and watch as it fell into the river below us!!! My other half drops to the floor, head in hands going "Oh my God, No, No, No!!!!"


Eiffel Tower.jpg

"Suddenly I start questioning my previous thought and start realising that this was, in actual fact, a proposal & now the ring is in the water!!! I'm alternating between looking at him and over the bridge into the water thinking "what do I even do?" I turn to look at him again and he is standing there with another little box, open with an engagement ring inside.
I wasn't sure whether to wring his neck or cry with laughter, happiness or shock!! I think I may have done ALL of those things but obviously finished it off by saying yes!

And that Ladies & Gentleman, is the beginning of our wedding story"

The Initial Prep

"I don't know about any of you but within about 3 days of us spreading the news of our engagement, I was bombarded with questions like; "When's the big day?" "Will it be here or abroad?" & "What dress will you get?"
All I wanted to do was savour this amazing moment and live in this happy little bubble with my fiancé, but instead I felt pulled down the route of wedding planning already.

Bride magazines filled the living room, suddenly I was following every bride or wedding page on Instagram, I had a Pinterest board and the number of sponsored ads I was seeing on my Facebook page was out of control! The first natural step was to look at venues....."They get booked up so far in advance, so we'd ought to start looking now" I told myself and before I knew it, the venue was chosen, the date was chosen, I'd decided on my bridal party, he had chosen his best men, I had 3 meetings set up with photographers and I'd accidently stumbled across the perfect dress. I mean WTF.....

Taking a step back

"I have a wedding book with everything in from ideas pages to budget trackers & this is where things got a little wobbly for us.
We started writing down everything that we had booked or provisionally booked along with the payments that we had made. This is where the s**t got real. Really real...

Whether it be a photographer, band, singer, florist, Master of Ceremony, catering or equipment hire be prepared for your jaw to drop when your on the phone with them and they tell you the price. Just add an extra 0 to what you initially thought and you'll be about right. It's insane how much these things can cost & realistically the two of us had to take a step back"

Photos: the couples own