Max & Emma

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A huge welcome to our latest edition of The Rustic Wedding Diaries! For this instalment we have been chatting to one of my brides who I have been working with for just under 18 months now. The wedding is finally just around the corner in July at the most incredible Barn venue over in Berkshire and I'm beyond excited to see all of our hard work come together on the day.

I'll change the bride & grooms names as I'd hate for any details to get back to guests and spoil what will be an amazing surprise and so I guess all that's left to say is grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy xx

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How did you two meet?
"We both met on a night out in a club. Max took an interest in me straight away and I also did him too, but my friend actually fancied him so I took a step back. It was obviously meant to be though as we just ended up hitting it off and here we are 4 years later!! "

How did the proposal go Max?
"It was planned for quite a while and I'd spoken about it a few times with others......Very very nervous and definitely needed a drink to calm my nerves & ended up asking Emma while we on holiday in Crete. She had no idea and kept thinking I was joking!!"

How did the initial planning go Emma?
"We pretty much started planning the month after we got engaged but we didn't feel like we were under too much pressure from family or friends.
We were a bit clueless where to even start but the Internet & Pinterest were definitely our best friend for a while"

Did you explore lots of local wedding fairs?
"We've actually not been to one together yet! I did go with my mum but I just didn't like it, it felt very pressured"

What has been the most stressful part about wedding planning up until now?
"Worrying about forgetting something. We didn't include our wedding rings in the budget so nearly forgot about those!"

What has been the most enjoyable part of the planning up until now? (I know you'll want to say meeting me but don't feel like you have to)
"Hahaha, you've definitely been a god send, so I keep telling you!!
I loved going dress shopping and cannot wait to go suit shopping with Max this weekend.
Oh and the cake tasting-that's always a good thing"

Do you wish you had done anything differently so far?
"I wish I had hired a wedding planner haha"

So now with only a few months to go, how are you feeling about things? Nervous, worried or just utterly excited to get down the aisle?
"I'm so worried I am going to forget something because I want the day to be so perfect...but we are both so excited and can't believe how quickly it has come around. I have all the little bits left to do with just under 6 months to go but I just need to make sure I stay calm and it will all be ok!!!"

So I guess there is just one question left to ask you now.....Are you and your friend still friends after you are now marrying the man she fancied??
"Hahaha, yes we are still friends. She is invited to the whole day and is actually doing my hair too"

Photos: Pinterest