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Welcome to The Rustic Wedding Clinic, a space for you to find answers to ALL of your wedding related questions.

Having been through the process myself with a DIY wedding 3 years ago, I can fully appreciate the stresses, concerns, worries and just the juggling act that organising the biggest day of your life can bring!!

Here you'll find lots of free downloadable sheets, videos on the key areas of planning & my top tips on creating a stress FREE run up to your day. The jobs you should and NEED to be delegating to others and my scheduler to make sure everything stays on track in the days just before the 'big one' 


Step One: Watch the live videos over on our Facebook page (follow the icon below) to get bundles of free, useful but above all important information on all the key areas of wedding planning.

Step Two: Click on the relevant downloadable PDF's below to gain a summary of all points discussed in the videos (the notes will make much more sense then!) and they can then be used as a guide thereafter to make your planning as smooth as possible. 

Step Three: Check our other free downloads below


If you need help in the meantime with anything or have a question about any of the videos, then get in touch



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