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It's amazing isn't it how so much of our communication is done with clients, family or people in general via technology nowadays, but it always surprises me when the connection between two people can still be there even through text and the written word. The connection where you feel like you've been friends for years and one of those connections whereby you just 'get' each other.

I feel like this about Sarah. From the first time we met, Sarah has the most calming aura about her. She has this ability to make you feel as if everything that comes out of your mouth is considered, thought about, and appreciated. Now for someone like me who is the most impulsive, impatient and spontaneous human you'll ever meet, you'll probably appreciate how refreshing this was. 

I'll be the first to admit that I can get carried away with ideas for brides and with me lacking the ability to say 'no' it can sometimes mean I have to rein myself in at times....."Why yes Susan, of course I'll find you 3 dancing tigers, 2 men on stilts and 5 belly dancing monkeys, no problem" hasn't come out of my mouth just yet but you know what I mean, I do get a little bit carried away. I guess I'm trying to say that if Sarah was shocked at any of my ideas, she didn't show it or make me think s**t what did I say that for!!! It felt like all of our ideas were meant to be almost and made our whole journey together just the most amazing 12 months. 

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One thing that came through right from the offset with Sarah and Russ was their passion to make this day about THEM as a couple and what would make THEM feel comfortable. Well I can tell you that GIN was the answer!!!!! Hoorah! They are both huge lovers of the stuff and Sarah had always spoke about having a sort of bar for them and guests to enjoy. I didn't want to give too much away about the overall finished look as I love to keep some things a surprise for the couple to see in its entirety on the day, but we created a table using our trusty stumps and barn door (which follow me everywhere!) As it was going to be a working bar, I couldn't make it look fabulous but then not have it be functional so I kept it quite simple. Some metal pots were to be the garnish holders. Our Cadbury's wooden box was to be the speed rail and then I just added a basket of lemons and limes a couple of crates, our branded chopping boards and then Sarah's lavender plant as a final addition. It looked and smelt amazing and was a massive hit with the guests and I have to say, some of the drinks that were coming out of it looked incredible. It's probably a good thing that I don't drink as I would have made myself comfortable there all night and forgotten that I was actually there to oversee a wedding. 

The day guests were welcomed to the barn with open arms and it was pretty evident that both Sarah & Russ didn't want anyone to want or need for anything. We created an outside bar/arrivals drinks station using our 3 metre piece of beech which sat upon a slightly strange bar/construction thingy that some previous guests had made and left at the venue. Sally the owner said the idea was that you put a shoe at the end of this shoot thing and then run beer down it, which the shoe collects and that's what you drink from. Hmmm, maybe I heard that wrong so who knows....anyway, guests were encouraged to help themselves to bubbles, cask ale, beer and soft drinks from some beer buckets that we made up just in front of the bar. 

All of it pulled together created this beautifully relaxed atmosphere for the entire afternoon. It almost felt like we were in this happy bubble whereby the world stopped for the day, all the focus was on the beaming couple, everyone was in the moment and was just taking the time to soak it all in. Well until the England match came on that is. 

One of my particular highlights was when the evening guests started to arrive. Sarah & Russ had told them that they were free to bring their own booze for the evening. I wasn't sure how it would work what with the normal paying bar and the gin that was on offer but as soon as they started to arrive, I could see that it was such a brilliant idea. Everyone came through the gate with mini hampers, coolers, bottle bags and mini kegs and once settled, I have to say it just created this amazing atmosphere of calm and enjoyment. No one was out to get hammered, it was just the most perfect evening and i have never felt so blooming welcome or been made to feel so included at an event full of strangers before....or maybe it was just because I was dishing out the GIN vouchers?? Who knows but I take my hat off to the newly married Mr & Mrs Pfaff. Although your day was exactly how you envisioned and incorporated all of the elements you wanted, you still had the ability to make it all about your guests comfort at the same time. Amazing. 

So I guess all there is left to say is a huge thanks again to this bloody awesome couple who let me into their lives with open arms, introduced me to their nearest and dearest and trusted me with their biggest day. What an honour and I will miss our daily "What do you think of these" chats. 

Laura xx


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