The Adventures of a Wedding Stylist

After working with some of my brides for the past 18 months, I'm so excited to say we are finally near the finish line and can start getting all the last minute decorations and props in place to transform their venues. Having all of the ideas in our heads finally start to come to life is pretty damn exciting and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. 

Sooooo the plan for one of my lovely brides was to create a huge hay bale sofa in the barn for a sort of chill out area-imagine lots of lovely soft throws, cushions for support and some fluffy rugs for guests to rest their tired feet on after all the dancing they will have done. So me being a professional wedding stylist and all, you would have thought I would have checked with the venue BEFORE deciding all of this as to whether we could have bales in the barn.....errr no I didn't and errr no we can't!!

But, all is not lost! 

The bride and I had been chatting about using sofa's of some description (way back when we let our imaginations run wild with all sorts of wonderful styling ideas at the start of our journey together) and so the idea pops into my head again as I need to go back to her with an alternative & therefore I start my hunt on the trusty world wide web for something that would be suitable.

As luck would have it, I found the most beautiful Chesterfield on ebay that I thought would be perfect and at 50 odd quid, it would have been the steal of the century as we all know how expensive they are. I placed my bid (bearing in mind I've never bid on anything before) and then sat back and waited. No one put a higher bid on for days so I thought job done, that was pretty easy and was feeling very chuffed and pleased with myself that I had solved the problem. Hooray!! 


I mentioned all of this to Matt at which point he laughed and said that the last 30 secs of an auction are the most frantic and that's when you'll see most people bid. My heart dropped and so from then on, I'm refreshing my phone every minute to make sure no sneaky little sneakster has swooped in and taken my sofa (because of course, in my mind, it's mine already you know) As expected we get to the last 15 secs and someone puts in a new bid but I am there waiting and place another one......but then I see another 3 new bids appear on the screen! I mean seriously wtf, how quickly can you people type!?!?

I think it's pretty safe to say I didn't win.

Not one to give up though, I started to look through Gumtree and low and behold within 5 minutes find another Chesterfield but this time in Bristol so even closer and get this-it's only £45!!! It clearly has some wear & tear on it but it looks perfect for what we need. So after messaging the shop where it is being sold and arranging to go pick it up the next day, I then think how am I going to actually get the thing home! I called my father in law and begged him use of his truck which I thought I can easily drive and it will fit the sofa in perfectly so I go up to the farm to switch cars. Matt's mum's looking at me like I'm crazy and is saying "Are you sure Laura about driving all the way to Bristol in that. It's not the comfiest" "Never fear Linda" I say as I jump in (and I literally do need to jump in, the damn thing is so high!!) "I'll be fine" 

So with them both watching, I turn it on, put it into gear and then look around for the handbrake. "It's there Laura" says Kenny pointing at nothing. "Where Kenny?" "There Laura, the lever by your left leg"

Errr, I'm sorry but did you just say lever?


Amazingly I get to Bristol safe and sound, albeit with a slightly jarred back from the clear lack of suspension, and pick up the sofa. It's more battered than I thought with 2 feet missing and A LOT of work needed on the arms, but it's still the most beautiful piece of furniture I've ever seen and I'm totally in love with it. 

I'm feeling quite smug here now as I am the proud owner of a Chesterfield no less, and it fits in the back of the truck. Check.Me.Out.

My good fortune doesn't last though as I get lost in Keynsham on the way home. So picture me in this hill billy pick up truck with a battered old sofa in the back, windows wound down due to the heat, spluttering my way through the high street which of course would be heaving wouldn't it. I stop at a red light only to have the worlds biggest wasp come flying through the window. I squeal like a little girl and with arms flapping try and scare the thing off, I hear a voice in the most Bristolian accent possible "ere, you alright love?"

Not only am I mortified because I'm driving this truck with a sofa that is badly in need of some TLC, but I'm now bright red from having 25,000 pairs of eyes looking at me whilst I fend off the local wildlife and splutter that yes I am indeed fine whilst I slowly wish that the ground would open up and swallow me whole. 

Now I could go on and tell you all about my journey home and how I missed my footing when getting out of the truck at a garage and just crumbled in a mess on the floor. Or i could tell that you that once I got some water from said garage, I again forgot how high the seat was to get in so I dropped the bottle of water which of course rolls under the truck doesn't it. The 2nd person in an hour then asks me "ere, you alright there love" as I'm on all four's with my arse sticking in the air whilst I retrieve my water from under the truck, but I think I've chatted for long enough! 

So I guess all there is to say is that at least I got home in one piece. I'm lucky enough to have in laws who will lend me vehicles to help me achieve my wedding dreams and I now have a gorgeous sofa sitting in my conservatory that I can't stop looking at and which will hopefully make one bride a very very happy bride. 

Oh and here's the beaut of a truck. Jealous huh?