"Do you shave your arms?"

Perhaps one of the more random questions I’ve been asked in a long while but then I wasn’t really surprised that it came from Jess (of Jessica Hill Photography) as I've come to expect it of her!

Such a unique character, who even after only knowing her for just under a year, I can easily say is now one of my best friends and go to person in this crazy world of weddings. She is also a fellow heat hater, someone who wants it all now and is too impatient to wait and someone who will aim for the stars and accept nothing less, so you see it was inevitable that we would become friends

She is also the most intuitive photographer I’ve met. She just seems to know the best angles to get the most amazing shots and most definitely isn’t scared to tell me if my idea or suggestion is utter crap:) 

Anyhow, I was going through some of my props the others day (I’m desperately trying to update my rather pants price list) and suddenly thought that maybe Jess will grab some shots for me that I can use to add to my new pretty, shiny, gorgeous list that I’d pictured in my mind.  

A week later and we had arranged an impromptu photo shoot in a cute little location in Mells, Frome. The day arrives and typically it has to be the hottest one of the year so far so within 5 minutes of picking Jess up, we’ve already discussed how much we hate the heat, how it’s just so unbearable to work in, how we could never understand people who can sit out in it for hours and how it’s just, well kind of meh.

Anyhow we get to our location, unpack the car and are in awe of how beautiful the surroundings are. The field (for want of a better word) is just by the side of the road but has the most beautifully aligned trees that are perfect for hanging decorations between. The most amazing thing about the place though is the smell. The grass is overrun with fresh garlic plants which make it just an incredible space to work in. I lost count of the amount of times one of us said “oh my goodness, how amazing is that smell”


One thing that perhaps wasn’t quite as lovely was the stingy nettles. “Do I need wellies Jess?” “No Laura, you don’t need wellies” was an earlier conversation so, of course, I didn't bring wellies…….

Now I was going to wear just flip flops but actually congratulated myself on thinking that perhaps the grass might be long so better to wear boots. Go me! However clearly this wasn’t enough and so wellies were indeed needed which would have saved my poor ankles from being made red raw by the nettles that were just EVERYWHERE!! (much to Jess’ amusement who did come prepared by bringing long boots and socks I might add!) 

Soldiering on through the pain we get the step ladder where we need it in between a line of trees and decide to try fish wire to hang my copper pipes. The thought process being that it won’t show up in the photos so it'll look like we magically hung them there and people will think wow how did they do that……..Hhmmm yeah, the fish wire didn’t work but never fear I said to Jess as I’ve remembered to bring twine!  A big roll of lovely twine that Jess can then edit out of the photos. Woohoo, we will get our magically hanging pipes after all. The day is saved and our shoot will become epic once again. Hooray!!

No more than 30 seconds later and we realise that twine won't work either…….so picture me sinking slowly on the stool (I like to think this was just because the ground was soft and not from me being on it) still cursing about my sore ankles but still determined this mini shoot will be a success! Jess is just quietly chuckling to the side of me (probably congratulating herself on remembering to bring more appropriate footwear) and it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly, that this just isn’t going to work. The twine wrapped around the trees just wasn’t holding, we couldn’t get the pipes central nor high enough and they were just too heavy for the rope.


Now I’m not one to normally admit defeat but this was one shoot that was just not going to happen. There was nothing else for it but to retrieve the steps from the mud, pack up the pipes and tool box and head back to the car justifying to each other that the elements were against us and that it’s OK. It just wasn’t meant to be.

So to not feel like we had wasted our day completely we decided that lunch in the pub was very much needed! It would make us feel better and we could brain storm about our next shoot that we have coming up and we could put the wedding world to rights.  


So I guess the moral of the story is: 

*To not listen to Jess EVER about footwear*

*To make sure you take wellies with you to EVERY location*

*To know that if things don't work out then that's OK. Unless you try, you'll never know*

Or something along those lines anyway..........oh and FYI: no I don't shave my arms just in case you were wondering :)