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So then fellow rustic lovers, welcome to my first ever blog post. I am so excited about this as you can well imagine! You all know how much I like to talk and chat about weddings and now I can do it without clogging up my Facebook posts!!

Equally excited to be kicking things off with the utterly incredible Elle & Nikki from Bride and Tonic who I've admired ever since I first started TRD and I think they were the first major site that I started following. Their images, branding & just the whole atmosphere of the photos they choose to share give you ALL the feels and make you long to be that bride, long to be a guest at that wedding or long to be able to style a shoot in that location.  

I'm feeling so lucky & blooming proud to have now been featured on their site twice with a past couple of shoots I've organised and so now wanted to sit and have a conversation on what made the ladies start Bride & Tonic, what inspires them and any behind the scenes gossip!!

Enjoy xx

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1. What was your main reasoning for creating Bride & Tonic?

From both going through the planning process we felt that although there were a lot of wedding blogs out there, we could bring something different-new ideas and styles, celebrating small businesses, and also less information overload. We don't have 10 blog posts going out a day so couples will have time to browse through our blog and hopefully feel less bombarded.

We have a real passion for promoting the ethical and sustainable side of weddings which you can see in our Ethical Bride features. We also really believe in the power of Instagram for ideas for couples, so we have really pushed our Instagram feed and it has become one of our main focuses

2. What has been the highlight of running the business so far?

We both have to say the wedding community as a whole. We had no idea how lovely and supportive everyone is-it really is such a close and welcoming community! Plus it gives us an excuse to talk to each other every day!

3. Do you have a favourite wedding or shoot that you've published? I know you may want to say mine but don't feel like you have to:)

Oooh that's such a tough one! We have wanted to feature an Icelandic shoot for ages and we have just published a gorgeous engagement in Iceland which was BEAUT! We have so many other favourite shoots, there are just too many to name!

4. Now that you have both been through the planning process, what are your top 5 tips for couples?

  • Make sure you create a day for you and not for your friends and family
  • Use Pinterest for capturing all your ideas-big and small!
  • Don't rush the planning process-we promise you, the ideas you have those first few weeks will probably not make it to the big day.
  • Try and use local, small, independent supplier. They tend to go the extra mile and really care about what they are creating.
  • Read Bride and Tonic (Sorry, shameless plug!!)

5. Did you struggle with any areas of planning?

Nikki: Ugh, the dreaded guest list....

Elle: Flowers-I knew zilch!!

6. What is your most favourite theme/style of wedding?

Nikki – Boho forever!

Elle – Modern romantic

7. Would you change anything about your own weddings now your brains must be brimming with ideas?

Nikki – I don’t think I would change much as it really was the best day! Looking back now I maybe wouldn’t go with the style I did (a quaint, country wedding – bunting and hessian!) as I’m now loving the boho trends. However trends come and go so every few years there will be things you wished you had done, and styles that weren’t around at the time of your wedding. I think you can’t really look back and wish you had done some things differently. At the end of the day it’s all about being with the ones you love the most and celebrating that.

Elle – Oh gosh I really don’t think so – I absolutely loved every moment about my day. The one thing I would have is more photos with the people that really matter to me. I don’t have a photograph of myself on the day with my parent’s oldest friends who are like second parents to me – I really regret that.

Nikki – Yes what Elle said! I really regret not having a professional photo of just me and my granny.

8. Is there a theme/style that you don’t like?

Nikki – I love going to weddings where you can really see the couples style and character come through. So for me as long as it fits the couple, I love it! What I don’t like so much is when people might go for a style that isn’t really ‘them’ and are maybe following the trends a bit too much?! BUT I do love a massive, natural, wild and free bouquet and a super cool wedding arch. Oh and some modern calligraphy and a drip cake!

Elle – honestly I hate the hotel wedding that used be common in the UK – I think it sucks the soul out of a wedding. I’m with Nikki on that every wedding I go to I look to see personalisation as this really makes you feel part of the bride and grooms special day.  

9. Have you ever had to say no to publishing a write up?

Sometimes we have to say no to submissions if the style doesn’t fit our aesthetic. It’s really difficult but we try and look for forward thinking shoots and new ideas and we tend not to publish classic style weddings.

10. Which photo has been the most popular on your IG feed to date?

It would probably have to be a photo of a bride and groom and their bridesmaids spelling out ‘LOVE’ with sparklers. It went crazy and got over 15k likes!

11. What’s next for B&T?

We both have long term plans for the wedding industry (watch this space) but at the moment our time is spent constantly searching for inspirational and really wow content for our Instagram feed and blog. We have also just enabled advertising and sponsorship across our platforms so have been busy creating our media kit – holler if you want one!

So there we go folks, a massive massive thank you & much love to Elle & Nikki for allowing me into their world for a little bit and for giving me an awesome first blog post. Now all you need to do is go and check out their Instagram feed. Immediately. 

I promise you, you won't be disappointed

Laura xx   

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