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A wedding stylist who is the biggest fan of all things rustic, individual and quirky.........Someone who still believes in fairy tales, happy endings and in creating magical, stunning and awe inspiring displays for your big day.

TRD was started as a part time project back in the Autumn of 2015, just 6 months after Matt and I got married. Picture marquees, gazebos, chickens, hay bales, a hog roast and line dancing and that was pretty much our wedding day!

We had so many props and decorative pieces oozing with rustic charm and character that to hide them in the loft gathering dust, would have been such a waste. Fast forward a few years and here I am, now full time, helping other couples style their big day with a gorgeous collection of ever growing props that I add to frequently (just don't tell my husband how frequently!) and am beyond excited to see where TRD takes me

Feel free to get in touch if you need any props, help with styling, someone to ensure the big day goes to plan or if you just need some advice or want to have a chat to someone who has been in exactly the same position. I am always here to help or to meet up, as long as it's over cake. There always has to be cake!

Laura xx


props list 

Ooohh, we didn't realise we had so many lovely props to share with you, so we have broken down the collection into manageable chunks. Feel free to shout if you are after something that you can't spot and we'll do our best to source it for you  





*Are you longing to create a magical DIY rustic wedding? 
*Do you have lots of ideas in your head but are unsure how to execute them? 
*Are you at a loss as to where to start sourcing rustic, quirky and unique props? 
*Would you like an expert wedding stylist to help & point you in the right direction? 
*Would you like just that little bit of extra confidence and know that you CAN & WILL absolutely pull it off?

If so, then I'd absolutely love to see you at my styling workshop. 
Some people think I'm mad and that I shouldn't be giving away my 'secrets'. I think that after going through a DIY wedding myself just a few years ago and experiencing how blooming hard they are, I realised I can use my real life insight into helping others. 

DATE: Sunday 18th November 2018

VENUE: The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House, Marsh Lane, Henstridge, BA8 0TQ

TIME: 10am-2pm

INVESTMENT: Β£45.00 per person

SPACES: Only 10 available 

We will can chat about ALL things wedding and styling. 
We can chat about any stress points or worries you are having
You can get involved in an interactive, hands on day whereby we'll talk about how you can create centre pieces & how you can style your tables and venue
Lunch, free parking and a goody bag are included

I promise it will be an informal session and I promise you'll go home with lots of tips, insights, knowledge & direction that will all be easily actionable....but most of all your go home brimming with CONFIDENCE to create your own magical day. 

To book, click on the image to download the form and return to The Rustic Dresser via post or email, along with your payment


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